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Hooke and Huygens watches
Port-de-la-Côte 1, 2012 Auvernier, Switzerland
tel: +41-76-2010303

You can order your watch here:
• steel watch with black or silvery-white dial, CHF 26'400
• gold 18K watch, white or rose 4N or yellow 3N gold, with black or silvery-white dial, CHF 42'800.
You can choose any combination of any case with any dial, and exchange any of our gems and straps in your watch.

You can order individually: the brilliant cut precious gemstones or precious metal balls or uniquely created sculptures.
You can order only as assortments of 6 gems: the natural semi-precious gemstone balls or non-precious metal sculptures.
Your watch comes in a collection box with 3 straps and 6 gems including one personal gem, so call or mail us to explain what you'd like us to make for you personally.

Firstly, send us your contact and order details, for example:

    Mr Albert Einstein   +41-12-3456789   a.einstein@ipi.ch
    delivery address: Kramgasse 49, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
    orders: steel watch with white dial, and extra gems KZRB KZOB NJFR NLAA NQBB OZOW.

Then transfer for steel watches the 50% down payment in Swiss Francs onto our bank account:

    CH31 0076 6000 1032 4651 7 of SwissMeo S.A.,
    Route des Falaises 7, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

The watch and gems are then made-to-order, so you'll have to wait for us to manufacture it, while we keep you informed.

Once your watch and gems have been finished we'll let you know, then you transfer the remaining (50% of the) amount, and we'll deliver the watch and gems directly to you world-wide watch wooer, or you visit our workshop in Auvernier to pick it up.

Reorder gems
Later you can always reorder more gems or straps, and exchange them yourself on your watch.

• Yes, you can choose any combination of any case with any dial, and exchange any of our gems and straps in your watch. For the moment you can choose:

    1   movement: 8 barrels semi-skeleton
    1   case shape: classical
    3   case materials: steel / white- / rose-gold
    2+ dials: white / black / custom print
100+ gems: semi-precious gemstone balls,
                   (non-)precious metal sculptures,
                   brilliant-cut precious gemstones,
                   (non-)precious metal balls,
                   custom stones or sculptures
    3+ straps: black, brown, blue, custom

= 1'000+ combinations, so the easiest is to choose just the case material and dial color, and after the delivery of your collection box (watch including 3 straps and 6 gems) you could order more gems or straps.

• Yes, we can make custom dial prints for you. Even custom hands if you're patient.

• Yes, you can take a deep dive with the watch thanks to the robust ring-shaped glasses and double seals in the crown.

• Yes, we will offer smaller and thinner watches for small wrists with the current size gems, it will take only a couple more years and a couple more inventions.

• Yes, we value your privacy. We do not use cookies for tracking or other purposes. In case you purchase a watch, we use your contact info only to deliver the watch, otherwise you can pick it up yourself at our workshop.

The three-year product guarantee covers any material and manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. The guarantee excludes normal wear-and-tear, theft, damage due to misuse (especially if you jammed a third-party gem that's too large) or loss (especially if you lost a third-party gem that's too small to be held by the gem clip). The guarantee becomes invalid if the watch has been serviced by another party, since they lack the specific knowledge, tools and parts to service this unique and complex watch.
To service the watch, return it to us every 5 to 10 years. We will disassemble the watch, clean all parts and put new oil and new seals and if needed other parts, repolish the case, reassemble and test it, and return it to you with a two-year service guarantee.

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If you're a client: you can buy the watch at a retailer, or here online and we'll deliver it directly to you.
If you're a retailer: we are a new brand and haven't started looking for retailers yet, so you are very welcome to sell our watches and gems, just give us a call.

You will also find us on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Ordering: You order by transfering the down payment onto our bank account. The down payment is 50% for steel watches, and 100% for golden watches and gems and precious gemstones and personalised gems. No down payment is needed for semi-precious gemstones or sculptures. Watches and gems may be paid separately. The price includes all taxes and delivery costs under normal conditions, however in exceptional countries or locations we may ask you a surcharge for deliveries and or taxes, before our order confirmation so you can stil cancel. We can accept only bank transfers, so no cash or crypto. Product and service descriptions can change without notice. You can cancel your order up to two weeks after our order confirmation and we'll refund. After these two weeks, the order is a binding contract between you and us, according to these terms and conditions.

Delivery: Since your watch and gems are made-to-order and we depend ourselves on the varying delivery times of our part manufacturers, we can only give you an estimated delivery time but no fixed one, we will keep you updated with the estimation. You cannot cancel an order or be refunded because of a delayed delivery. We'll let you know once your watch and gems have been finished and are ready to deliver to you, then you transfer the remaining (50% of the) amount, ownership of the watch and gems passes to you as soon as we have received the full payment, and then we'll deliver. Watches and gems may be delivered separately. Risks of the watch and gems passes to you upon delivery. Instead of a delivery, you can pick up the watch yourself in our workshop, you'll get a free tour and gems.

Prices: Retail prices are fixed by H&H, no discounts allowed. Giveaway gems are allowed.

Gems by anyone: It is allowed to design and manufacture and sell gems for H&H watches by any client, retailer or any third party, as long as the H&H intellectual property is respected (thus it is not allowed to copy H&H gems), and as long as in published images and texts the provenance is mentioned with "H&H watch with Anyone gem".

To wind the watch, turn the crown clockwise for 120 turns, this will keep the watch running for almost a week. No worries if you wind more turns, the barrel springs will slide and won't break, 'overwinding' is a myth. Every day you can add about 20 turns.
To set the time, pull the crown, then turn it in either direction to set the hour and minute hand. Afterwards push the crown back.
To exchange gems, push the gem until it clicks in or out via the watch back, like in the movie above. Gem balls can be inserted in any orientation, framed scuptures and gemstones must of course be oriented and may need a carefull wobble to insert. Gems cannot escape via the watch front because it is narrower than the gem. Inside the watch centre hole is a groove with a steel gem clip that holds with a click the gem in place even durings shocks, however in case of a very heavy gem (such as a solid gold ball) and a large shock it may jump out the back onto your wrist.
To exchange straps, at the back of the strap pull the little quick-release button so that the spring bar pivot comes loose out of the case lug and you can remove the strap, like in the movie above. If you are not handy, ask your local jeweler to do it for you. Your watch comes already with 3 straps, you can buy anywhere more straps with 20 mm between lugs.
To clean, use a microfibre cloth or wash it with a soft brush or cloth in soapy water. Don't use aggressive cleaning products because they may damage seals or scratch surfaces. After sand or salt water, rinse the watch.
To replace the gem clip that holds the gem in the watch centre, take a strong tweezer and carefully pull one leg out via the back so the rest will follow, while protecting your eyes for safety. Then insert a new clip with your fingers, firstly put one end into the groove, secondly bend the clip and push the other end also into the groove. If you are not handy, ask your local jeweler or us to do it for you. You will only need to replace the gem clip if you have deformed or scratched it too much when inserting gems.

Ask us to create a unique gem for you, about your passion, loved ones, hobby, sport, work, art, or just anything you find beautiful. Instead of asking us, you can also ask your local jeweler. A first option is to ask your local jeweler to craft your skulptures, empty frames can also be ordered at us. A second option is your local jeweler designs in a software application the 3D geometry of your skulpture and frame, then 3D prints it in wax, and casts it for example in solid gold, and maybe even sets little precious stones into it. Start either with a basic shape of a D 15.0 mm ball and add for example a relief on top or a through-extrusion of your initials (like in the picture above), or start with the basic shape of the tubular empty frame (like in the picture below) and download or create a sculpture into it. A third option is you design yourself and upload your gem.stl file to the website of a 3D print service, who (via the lost-wax method) cast metals (brass, bronze, silver) and can apply coatings (gold, rhodium), and a few weeks later mail the gem to your home. We're happy to help your local jeweller and you with either option.

The sculpture frame dimensions

Ἀνερρίφθω κύβος, alea iacta est, the die is cast, the Rubicon is crossed.
As from 2023, about 350 years after the conception of the balance spring and 10 years after the conception of the ring-shaped watch, you can now join the journey in time of Hooke & Huygens watches, enjoy !
You will find here our 2023 H&H press release in English or in other languages.
Just call or write us for more background info.

From 28 Mar - 1 Apr in Geneva (at the same time as the large watch fair Watches and Wonders in the Palexpo), was another smaller watch fair Time to Watches for new and small watch brands, at the HEAD Haute école d'art et de design in the center of Geneva,
and H&H was there with our own stand, where everybody could put the watches on their wrist and exchange the centre gems themselves.

Club de l'élégance is a media outlet dedicated to showcasing the best in luxury brands and products, and now including 2023-05-05 Club de l'élégance video interview Hooke & Huygens at Time to Watches (2m55s, French):

The 2023 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genéve has preselected Hooke & Huygens' first watch "Coup de Foudre* in the category "Mechanical Exception".

Since 2016 from Zürich, Swiss Watch Gang is a YouTube video channel for luxury watch enthusiasts where Marco Koncina reviews the most unique and beautiful watches, and now including 2023-04-07 Swiss Watch Gang video interview Hooke & Huygens (9m23s, English):

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