Hooke & Huygens

Ring-shaped watch with centre labradorite ball, 2nd ring-shaped watch with centre through hole, 3 exchangeable gems for hole

Hooke & Huygens, the ring-shaped watches with exchangeable gems in the centre, and eight barrels all around: two unique complications with unique gems.

Solid wallnut collection box with ring-shaped watch, exchangeable gems, and 3 leather straps

Your watch comes in a solid wallnut collection box with:

• 3 semimatte genuine alligator leather handsewn straps: black, dark brown, dark blue. All straps are quick release W 20 mm and L 115 / 75 mm (or another your size on your request).

• 6 gems: labradorite sphere, blue quartz sphere, white cubic zirconia brilliant cut, steel ball, H&H ball logo, and a personal gem.

• (any additional gems you order)

• cloth, spare spring-bars, spare gem clips.

© Hooke & Huygens, SwissMeo montres extraordinaires